10 Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Luckily, as the larger ones are not always needed and can take up a lot of unnecessary space, there are different sizes of dog beds. These can be especially fitting for puppies, or breeds that just doesn’t get very big even when they’re fully grown. There are several things to consider when searching for either cheap dog beds for small dogs or more expensive ones. What shape would suit your dog best? Is the look and design important to you? Do you have any other special requirements like softness level or memory foam?

Why are they needed?

Some pets remain very tiny, even when they are fully grown, and others could just need puppy beds for small dogs until they reach their full size. What they all have in common, is that they benefit from having a nice place to sleep. Puppies go through a very important part of their lives when they are that young, where they learn and grow. This time contribute a great deal to shaping their behavior in adulthood. So making their journey a good one early on, can provide benefits later on as well. So let’s take a look at some of the best small dog beds:

Brentwood Home – Cool Dog Beds For Small Dogs

dog beds for small dogsIf you want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, this bed is a great option. It has a thick layer of memory foam that is beneficial for your pet in many different ways. One example is that it helps in keeping the body temperature for dogs, and it’s also good for their joint health. The Brentwood Home bed provides a cooling effect, so your pet won’t get overheated on those warm summer days. It is also water resistant, and it’s possible to remove the cover for easy washing.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: Yes
Price: $70

Sealy – Personalized Comfort

personalizedThis is one of the very stylish dog beds for small dogs that contains memory foam. It also includes a cooling gel that can feel refreshing for dogs when the air is hot. The bed is shaped like a square, with an opening on one side that makes it easier for dogs to enter and exit. Different colors are available to choose from as well. You could almost say that it works like personalized dog beds for small dogs, because of the special orthopedic foam that adapts and changes depending on your dogs dimensions when he uses it.

Can be washed: Yes
Memory Foam: Yes
Price: $92.92

Snoozer – Incredible Small Dog Furniture

washableThis bed has been created with several great features. One of them is to keep your dog at a comfortable temperature while resting on it. The material that is used even helps with eliminating bad odors. They are great washable dog beds for small dogs, and contains convoluted foam that is three inches thick. The Snoozer bed is fitting both for puppies and aged pets.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: Convoluted Foam
Price: $92.93

Brindle – Excellent And Inexpensive

small pet bedsLike the name says, this bed contains memory foam, which adapts to the dogs unique weight. Another good feature is that the Brindle dog bed is waterproof, as long as you don’t remove the cover. These small pet beds are made out of material that helps keeping your dog at a nice temperature. It can be machine washed, and last but not least, the surface underneath that comes in contact with the floor is made with non-slip material.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: Yes
Price: $59.99

Ortho Bolster Sleeper – Round Dog Beds For Small Breeds

roundThis bed contains comfortable foam on the inside, and surrounds your dog with bolsters to lean against. It is shaped like a half circle with an exit that allows your dog to easily enter and exit. The Ortho Bolster Sleeper is available in both brown and gray if you have a special preference.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: Orthopedic Foam
Price: $30.42

Sheri Deep Dish Sherpa – A Small Pink Dog Bed That Looks Very Comfy

doggieThis is one of the doggie beds for small dogs that really lets your pet slide down deep enough to become enveloped by the soft material. It is shaped almost like a kangaroo pouch and is very cozy, while still having soft edges that gives support for your dog to rest his head on. There are also several different colors to choose from if you don’t want to have pink dog beds for small dogs. Choices like this often depends on the room, other furniture and personal preferences. In some cases pink can be a perfect match, and sometimes the other way around.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: No
Price: $31.77

HappyCare Textiles – A Cozy Cave

caveThe design of this bed is different from the others we have mentioned. It has more of a cave style to it, where your dog can decide himself if he wants to cuddle up inside the area with roof, or just lay on the comfortable bottom part. The top can easily be removed by unzipping it. You don’t have to worry about it moving around on the floor because of the anti-slip material. If you’re looking for cute and small dog beds cheap, this might be one of the best options.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: No
Price: $31.20

Precision Pet – Look At These Cute Small Dog Beds

cuteThis bed is shaped like a throne with soft and protecting walls that can give your dog a sense of security. Its design has been carefully chosen to fit the eyes of both people and dogs with an interest in fashion. The stuffing makes this bed soft and comfy, and it can be machine washed.


Can be washed: Yes, machine wash
Memory Foam: No
Price: $34.95

The Donut Dog Bed by Brookstone

donut bedJust like the name implies, these cute dog beds for small dogs are made in the shape of an oval donut. One great thing about them, is that the cushion can be detached and used separately by your dog when you are traveling. Some parts of this bed can be machine washed, while others need to be washed by hand.


Can be washed: Yes, partly machine wash and partly hand wash
Memory Foam: No
Price: $79.99

Furniture Creations – Canopy With A Crown

canopyThe first thing that comes to mind, and what really sticks out with the canopy dog beds for small dogs, are their often unique and different design. This one looks very lush, with a frame made of iron that’s sitting under a crown. If you want to spoil your pet and make him feel like royalty, this might be the bed for you.



Memory Foam: No
Price: $51.83

Another option would be to let your little friend sleep by your side, or even better, let him decide by using pet stairs that is connected to your bunk. That way, he can come and go as he pleases, without you having to wake up and help him.


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