5 Things to Think About When Buying a Dog Bed

If you’ve never bought one before, or not even seen one for that matter, it might not be easy to pick out the right bed for your dog. What should you be looking for? What qualities are important? Where can you find quality dog beds or browse through a selection? We will answer these questions below, so let’s start with the first important aspect to think about:

1. Size of the bed

You need to consider how large or small the bed needs to be. Dog beds that are suited for big dogs, like great danes for example, are probably not the best choice if you own a chihuahua. And the opposite is also true, so try to figure out the right dimensions that will be needed. If your dog likes to lie with his head resting on the bedside, or even partly outside the bed, take this into consideration as well.

2. Price

sleeping dogThink about how much you are willing to spend on the bed. You don’t always have to pay the most money to get the nicest bed, but oftentimes the more expensive ones have better quality. You could also think of it as an investment. If you decide to go with cheap dog beds, there could be a greater chance of them breaking or not being as comfortable. Then you might need to buy a new one, and those two beds together could add up to the price of one with great quality. The more expensive dog beds with solid merit, could last for a long time with better satisfaction for your dog, and ultimately end up saving you money.

3. Toughness

Dog owners know that it can be very difficult to watch over your pet every second of the day. Sooner or later, most dogs start chewing on things they are not supposed to, including their own bed. That’s why it’s so important for dog beds to be able to withstand some biting and chewing. It’s not fun getting a new dog bed, only to have it torn apart the next day. This is not something dogs do to be mean, they just can’t see the consequences like us. And if they are still puppies, their teeth can be itching a lot and they just want it to stop. Imagine having mosquito bites all around your mouth and not being able to scratch them.

4. Shape

Does your dog prefer to be surrounded with walls that he can lean against, or does he just want a comfortable mattress to lay on? There are a huge variety of dog beds in different shapes to choose from. Some are shaped like donuts, and there are those that looks almost like a cave that your dog can crawl inside. The materials that are used in making these varies also. So you can pick and choose if you want for example the softest material possible, or some kind of orthopedic foam.

5. Does Your Dog Like It?

There is no point buying dog beds if your pet doesn’t like them. The most important thing of all when shopping for a dog bed, is that it feels good for your dog and that he is comfortable sleeping in it. Your dogs wellbeing should be taken into account before looking at how much the bed colors match your living room carpet. Some people prefer to get a ramp that leads up to their own bed, instead of buying a separate one for their pet.

If you contemplate the things we listed above, you’re off to a great start and will be able to make a more qualified decision when the time comes.

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