Keeping Clean With Washable Dog Beds

There are so many different dog beds to choose from, which makes it difficult to know which ones are worth their price. Many things should be taking into consideration when evaluating if a product seem good or not. We’re going to talk about one of these things here, and that is washing. Some dog beds can be fully machine washed, others partly so, some needs to be cleaned by hand, while others can’t be washed at all.

3 Reasons for using a machine washable dog bed

1. Hygiene

Dogs should be spending a lot of time outside, and unlike most of us, they don’t wear shoes that can be removed when going inside. For some reasong, they also like rolling around in the dirt (and most of all stuff that smells bad to us). It’s easy to understand why their bed gets dirty so fast. In order to get rid of the bacteria that festers, the material needs to be washed in a high temperature. Attempting this manually could prove to be difficult, as the heat would scold our hands.

2. Easy and Fast

A lot of time can be saved by using a machine washable dog bed. Just remove the parts that needs cleaning, put them in the washing machine, set it to run at the correct temperature, and it’s done. You might have to hang it up for a while to dry as well. But compared to washing the dog bed by hand, there is a lot less effort involved. So unless you’re looking to get regular exercise of your arm muscles through scrubbing, a washable dog bed might be the better option. Since many of us procrastinate doing things that are difficult, bothersome or that takes a lot of time, it’s easy to just let the bed stay dirty. So using machine washable dog beds can actually help getting it done in the first place.washable dog beds

3. Less Dirt in Other Parts of the House

If your dog goes straight to his bed after a walk in the rain, you might think that’s all there is to it, and only the dog bed will get dirty. But instead of spreading it around, it drops off and gathers on the bed. So every time your dog goes there to lay down, he absorbs some of the dirt, which will be spread out around the house later on. So, by having washable dog beds and keeping them clean, a lot of other chores doesn’t have to be completed as frequently, like mopping or vacuuming other parts of the house.

What to Take Away From This

Using washable dog beds allows you to save money, and not buy a new one every time the old bed gets dirty. Even better are those that can be machine washed, because most of the time this is easier and more hygienic than washing by hand. If you’re still looking for washable dog beds, or can’t decide which one to choose, take a look at our comparisons and see if you can find something that suits your dog.

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