Intelligent Design – One Of The Most Chic Dog Beds?

intelligent designNon-pet owners believe that having a pet is a lot of work; however, dog lovers and other pet owners know that once you are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment and have a few spare hours to walk, feed, bathe and play with your pet, owning a pet is enjoyable and not a chore. These affectionate little creatures only want your love and affection; however, spoiling them with a little extra luxury can’t hurt anyone. Therefore, getting your K-9 companion a dog bed, chic style is the first step to turning your house dog into a pampered pooch. If you are on the hunt for chic dog beds for your pet, the Luxury Iron Royal Gold Crown Dog Bed is an excellent choice.

Luxury Iron Royal GOLD CROWN Dog / Pet Bed Jeweled Antique Victorian

This bed is made from hand forged iron and tole and boast a royal gold crown design. The posh design of this bed is made especially for small dogs, while its antique gold crown finish is made for you as it blends into your home décor, standing out as a piece of your beloved furnishings. When choosing between chic dog beds, if your first need is style, then this is definitely the bed for you and your doggy companion. The bed post is made from four twisted iron, topped with iron tassels and ball finials accentuating the crown that is encrusted with multicolored jewels.

While this bed is designed for the fashion forward, its practicality is paramount and the strength and durability of the bed must be taken into consideration. The Luxury Royal Gold Crown Dog bed is designed to last the owner for years, sleeping him or her, comfortably and in style. Its size is also one of its most practical features; this bed can fit into very small spaces neatly and comfortably.

While this bed has the perfect design for your pet, it does not come with a cushion or doggy matters; therefore, you will have to have one made. However, the small petite size of the bed fits a normal bed pillow perfectly, which means that you can change the cover to perfectly match your interior design and easily wash and clean the cushion.

If you are still a little stumped about these perfect chic dog beds for your little one, before you make a purchase take the following into consideration.

  • The style and shape of the bed you want – there are many different options for you to choose from. These options include, but are not limited to orthopedic beds, pillow or cushion beds and donut or bolster dog beds.
  • Your budget – how much can you spend on a bed. This will come in very handy when you begin your search and see the wide array of options and prices available.
  • Décor – do you care about clashing your dog bed with your furniture or do you need something to blend into the room.


Once you have contemplated the points listed above, you’ll be well equipped in finding a chic dog bed for your little fellow.


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