Comparison of the Top 5 Best Dog Steps For Bed

There are many different opinions on whether your dog should be allowed to sleep in the bed, together with us humans. And even if they are allowed, it can be difficult for them to make their way up there in the first place (not to mention down again). This depends a lot on how big your dog is, and how high or low the bed is. There should be no problem for a great dane to climb on top of a mattress that’s lying right on the ground. However, it’s a different scenario when a small chihuahua is trying to mount your 25 inch high bed. This could result in either your pet not being able to join you in bed (alternatively not managing to return to the floor), or him waking you up during the night to be lifted up/down. In the latter case, the sleeping patterns of both you and your pet can be heavily degraded.

By using some kind of dog steps for bed, this problem can be removed. It doesn’t have to take up much extra room, and your nights can pass by undisrupted. There are several cheap pet stairs available, so it doesn’t need to be expensive. But some aspects should be taken into consideration before getting your doggie steps for bed.

  • Do you sleep high up from the floor?
    • Then you might need dog steps for high beds especially.
  • Are you concerned about preserving as much space as possible in your bedroom?
    • In that case, your best option might be some collapsible dog steps that can be folded and stored under your bed during daytime.
  • Maybe you’d rather let your furry little friend have his own bed?
    • You could take a look at the alternatives on this page to see if you can find an option that is better suited for your situation and needs.


What Are The Top Dog Steps For Your Bed?

We have gone through and sorted out the five best pet stairs to help you choose your favorite. Different situations and people have varying requirements and preferences, so think about which one suits your needs. Here we go (in no specific order), lets start with the first one:


Pup Step Plus – Quality Cheap Pet Stairs For Small Dogs

dog steps for bedThis is one of the all time favorite cheap dog steps for small dogs, and it works great for medium sized pets as well. It weighs no more than five pounds, but still manage to carry the weight of a 120 pound dog. There is no need to worry about the stability when your pet is making his way on these doggy steps for bed, as the edges are heightened in order to prevent slipping and falling off.

Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs comes already put together, so there is no need for you to build or assemble anything. This makes it easy to start enjoying these dog stairs for your bed right away. On top of the heightened sides, the surface of each step is made from material that even further prevents slipping. These are collapsible dog steps, that can be folded without a problem to make space for other things when you’re not using it.


Pet Gear Easy Step II – Dog Stairs For Any Bed

dog stairs for bedThis is another one of the more popular pet steps for your bed. It’s possible to choose whether you want it to have three steps, or just two. You can also pick between several different colors, to match your decor. This is very well suited to be used as dog steps for large dogs, but is also good for smaller ones. You can sleep easy, knowing that the design is created with stability in mind, and includes parts of rubber underneath that keeps it in place and stops any slipping against the floor.

There is a carpet-like pice that belongs on top of each step, to not only make it look good and prevent slipping, but also make it more comfortable for your dog to walk on. This can be removed when it gets dirty, and put in the washing machine, which is very convenient. Compared to the Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs, these doggy steps for your bed are able to carry up to 150 pounds, which is an additional 30 pounds. It stretches up to 23 inches in height.


Pet Gear Easy Step IV – Great Dog Steps For High Beds

for high bedsEasy Step IV is created by the same company as Easy Step II which you could read about above. Some of their features are the same, but this one is made to provide doggie steps for high beds especially. While they are both built to handle the same amount of weight (150 lbs), this one is 7,5 inches taller than its smaller version, which makes it a full 30,5 inches tall. That should be enough for almost any bed. So the choice between the two doesn’t have that much to do with the size of your pet, but instead the height of your bed.

When it’s late and your dog steps for bed, he can more easily join you with the Easy Step IV, because of the creative design that lets him climb up using less steps than what would normally be required in order to reach the same distance. Even if you are a person who likes to sleep far up, with a lot of distance to the floor, it is possible with these steps for your dog to get on top of the bed.


Brinkmann Deluxe -Comfortable Pet Steps For A Bed

cheapThese are another great option to use as dog steps for your bed. You can choose between three or four steps, with the first being 15 inches high, and the other 20 inches. They might look soft from the pictures, but are in fact very solid and sturdy. This is reflected by the huge amount of weight they are able to support, that is, up to 200 pounds. However, they are soft in the sense that they are comfortable to walk on, making it an enjoyable experience for your pet to snuggle up beside you. Both models can be considered as cheap dog stairs when looking at the price, if you think about the quality of what you’re getting.

largeJust like some of the other dog steps for beds, this too has an anti-slip bottom to enhance stability. The outer cover can also be removed, and the possibility of putting it in the washing machine saves you both time and effort. Whether to choose three or four steps, depends on the height that needs to be reached by using these dog stairs for your bed, or the item you wish to make available for your pet to climb.


Pine Frame Dog RampSteps – Solid Wooden Dog Steps For Bed

best dog ramp for bedThis is our absolute favorite, and it has gotten so many positive feedback from its users. Just take a look at amazon, out of 359 customer reviews, 299 have given it a 5-star rating, with an average of 4.8 out of 5 (the exact numbers often change fast, but this was the case at the time of writing). With 19 inches in height, these are great collapsible dog steps for high beds.

One of the great things about the Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, is that it can be used as either a ramp or stairs, and switching between the two is a simple and quick process. The frame is made out of wood, but can still be folded and put away when it’s not needed. So far, this is the best dog ramp for a bed we have found. The wooden design is a joy to look at, and goes very well together with other furniture. It is able to carry up to 130 pounds, and the fact that it can be transformed in to a ramp makes it ideal to use instead of steps for older dogs.


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