How Dogs Experience Halloween

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Halloween is often the costumes and everyone dressing up, but what about the dogs? Chances are that they think all the fuzz and people dressing up is fun, but it’s not many dogs that actually enjoy having to put on a costume themselves. Even so, a lot of money is spent every year on dog-related articles for Halloween. The experience a dog gets from Halloween celebrations, depends a great deal on how we humans choose to handle it. One option would be to create a party game for our dog as a part of the festivity, like the one mentioned in this article:

Halloween Party Games For Dogs

Don’t wait too long to throw your parade. Costumes are for the human’s benefit. It’s the rare dog who truly enjoys wearing antlers or a spider pillow. So shortly after your guests have a chance to sniff noses and get acquainted, switch on some upbeat music–not so loudly it’ll hurt your guests’ sensitive ears–and start the parade.

This can mean anything you want it to–walking around in a circle. Dancing with each other. The idea is to give your (human) guests a chance to show off a bit and have some fun.

You can make it more of an event by handing out prizes in the hand. Maybe dog biscuits inscribed (in non-toxic ink) with “Scariest costume,” “Funniest costume,” “Most embarrassing costume,” and so on.

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For those having a difficult time coming up with costumes for their pet could have a look at the new trend of dressing up dogs with pope-looking apparel:

Do You Have a Pup Francis?

A pope who shares his name with the patron saint of animals, St. Francis de Assisi, is unlikely to be offended by seeing dogs in papal wear. In fact, we can dare to hope that he would find it flattering to see dogs dressed in such costumes. Pope Francis, after all, has thrilled many members of the animal community by discussing an afterlife for many species, including dogs. He has also addressed the importance of kindness towards all living beings. Naturally, many people are dressing their dogs like him as a way to celebrate and honor the pontiff.

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There is an infinite amount of different dog-costumes that can be created, limited only by our imagination. We don’t even have to buy them, although it takes a bit more work and effort to create a costume ourselves. But one that we thought was both cute and funny is this one:

It’s important to remember however, that events like Halloween when there are lots of activity going on, can also make your dog very tired. So it’s important to prepare a place for them where they are able to rest undisturbed. One alternative could be to use luxury dog beds like those described here and put it in another room where it’s quiet, and the door is open. Then your dog can choose for himself when he needs to take a break and rest for a while.

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