Milton Greens Stars Molly – Wooden Dog Beds With A Stable Frame

wooden dog bedsDogs are not picky animals; they eat what you feed them and sleep when they are tired, most times that is. While the common pooch is easy to please, dogs who are used to the finer things in life can be a pain in the ‘you know where’ if they are not pampered and pleased all the time. These dogs will not only refuse food they don’t like, they will also refuse to sleep on beds that are ‘not up to their standard’. Some might be accustomed to sleeping in wooden dog beds, and want to keep it that way. What do you do with a dog like this and how do you find a bed that they will love and is very comfortable for them? You do your research of course and learn about the best wooden dog beds on the market and get in tune with your dog’s sleeping pattern and styles.

The Milton Greens Stars Molly Wooden Dog Beds

Finding the ideal dog bed for your dog is not as tricky as some people may believe and with the Milton Greens Stars Molly Wooden Dog Bed, your search may just be over. This dog bed has a number of incredible features that will make you, the owner, and the dog happy.

  • Sturdy – this bed will not only provide your dog with endless days and nights of comfort, it is also designed to protect your dog and keep him safe. The wooden dog bed frame is made from durable oak, which enhances its durability. Being designed out of 100% wood, this bed is a great display of strength, character and elegance.
  • Comfortable – designed with a plush microfiber cover and elevated bedframe legs, the Molly Luxury Dog Bed provide your dog with warmth and comfort, as the elevated legs keep away floor draft; while the plush mattress and microfiber cover offers unlimited comfort and support.
  • Removable and replaceable mattress cover – the plush microfiber cover that the bed comes with can be easily removed for fast and easy washing and cleaning and can also be removed, if it gets worn or stained beyond repair.
  • Easy to assemble – the Molly Dog Bed from Milton Greens Stars is sturdy as was mentioned before; however, it is very easy to assemble and by following the instructions, you can have it up and your dog sleeping in no time inside the wooden dog bed frame.
  • Décor friendly – with two available finishes, black and oak, this bed will blend into almost every home design. Therefore, you do not have to sacrifice your personal style in order to provide your furry little friend with a comfortable rest. Wooden dog beds often fit very nicely together with other furniture.


The Milton Greens Stars Molly Luxury Dog Bed is the ideal bed for your treasured friend and is perfect for sleeping small and medium sized dogs. Dogs that sprawl snuggle or brace themselves when sleeping will make a perfect fit for this bed; therefore, think about the way your dog sleeps and if he loves comfort and you love style, then this is the ideal bed for you and him. So take the hassle out of the search for the ideal dog bed and choose one that will last for years to come.


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