Dogs Are Smarter Than Most Of Us Think

mans best friendSometimes, we think our dogs are doing weird stuff just because they don’t know better, or they just don’t understand. Maybe your pet just rolled around in some bad smelling stuff while you were looking away for a few seconds. Why would he do that? But the truth is that most of the time, there is actually a reason behind our pets actions. The example that we mentioned above, could be due to the fact that your dog wanted to disguise his smell from other animals. This has not much real value in todays society, but if we look at it from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. Luckily, there are a lot more conveniences in todays society, like fancy dog beds for example, so these kind of instincts are not needed as much now.

We are firm believers that dogs are actually very intelligent, and often understand a lot more than we think they do. This article tells about a dog that decided to change his life circumstances himself:

Determined Stray Refuses To Be Homeless And Strolls Right Into A Rescue Clinic

In an act of loyalty, helplessness, or adoration for these humans (I haven’t decided), a tenacious “Meximutt,” as Santa Rosa rescue Compassion Without Borders calls him, absolutely refuses to be homeless anymore. The “neighborhood” stray was brought to the rescue’s veterinary clinic by a very generous woman to be neutered, and that’s really where his new story life begins.

After the woman took the little guy back to her neighborhood in Mexico, she couldn’t hang onto him for long. The very next day the dog found his way back to the clinic and nearly broke the doors down to get inside.

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It seems that sometimes dogs are able to understand the bigger picture of situations, by intuition rather than by analyzing it. And it is very common for them to be extremely loyal to their owners. One example of this is the guide dog that literally jumped in front of a moving vehicle in order to save his owner:

Woman and her guide dog are reunited

A legally blind woman and her guide dog have been reunited after recovering from injuries they received when they were hit by a school bus in New York.

“Oh, my good boy. You’re home, finally,” Audrey Stone exclaimed upon greeting her golden retriever, Figo, in the driveway of her home in Brewster, about 60 miles north of Manhattan.

Figo got in between Stone and an oncoming minibus in June as they crossed a street a block from her home.

Stone spent months in a rehabilitation hospital. Figo underwent surgery and went back to his trainers for a determination of whether he could work as a guide dog again.

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There has even been some talk lately about electing a dog-mayor in Austin. Of course, it would be difficult for him to voice his opinions on some topics himself, but he seems to be getting some help translating this:

What do you think? How much do our pets actually understand about what is happening in different situations? Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts about this subject!

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