One Of The Best Rated Memory Foam Dog Beds

Consistently getting good reviews on a dog bed is no easy task, because every dog has their own unique personality and preference. But one of the best rated memory foam dog beds on Amazon is the “Ultimate Pet Lounge” from PetFusion. At the time of writing this, it has received 4.8 with a maximum of 5 stars, and that number is based on 155 reviews in total. In other words, their customers seem to be happy with it. But what is it that separates this dog bed from the others? And why has it received such great reviews?

Thorough And Functional Design

Many dogs like resting their head on something while they are sleeping, that’s why the bolstered sides are so appreciated. This feature can sometimes have the effect of an improved sense of security for your dog as well, when he is surrounded by soft edges. Another factor that plays into this feeling is the anti-slip material that is located underneath the bed so that it will stay in the same place. There is no need to worry about letting your pet lie down on the bed after going for a walk in the rain, because the outer cover is water resistant. If it gets dirty, this cover can be removed and put in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The bed is quite large and can support dogs weighing even more than 100 pounds.

The Best Dog Bed For Chewers?

As dog owners we know that many pets like chewing on the item on which they are supposed to sleep, which will cause a lower quality bed to be torn apart fairly quickly. That’s why it’s so important to choose one with great quality and the right materials. The Ultimate Pet Lounge is built to withstand chewing and last for a long time. Even if your dog somehow manages to break this durable material, a new cover can be bought separately to easily replace the old one. So the (sometimes inevitable) bed-biting has been taking into consideration to make this one of the best dog beds for chewers.

Memory Foam

materialsThe memory foam plays another part in preventing the bed being damaged from chewing, as it is a lot more resilient and durable than most other materials that are used in dog beds. Memory foam is a great material for beds like these, and makes it not only comfortable for dogs to sleep in, but it’s also good for their joint health. It’s better to start using this material when your dog is still young, in order to help prevent problems later on and slow down the aging of their joints. It will also adjust to the dogs shape and make the weight more evenly distributed.

A Great Choice

The price is cheaper than a lot of other dog beds with similar features. Even though high quality materials like this can be a bit more expensive, it might save you money in the long run. Because of the durability of this bed, it is less likely to need replacing, and a new cover can be purchased separately to be used on the original bed without having to buy new memory foam. We are planning to include the Ultimate Pet Lounge in our list of luxury dog beds soon, because it really is above the average. It is no wonder that this is one of the best rated memory foam dog beds.

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